Lovely Lovely Lace

Much like lace itself, this is a complex subject. SUPER complex. Lace has a long and luxurious history, starting as early as the Roman Empire, but recorded as early as the 14th century, it is a textile that has found itself in the middle of class wars for centuries (7 centuries – starting in Flanders). As Gemma Champ recently wrote in an article in The National (Fashion’s Enduring Love of […]



Hankering for Houndstooth

Houndstooth (or dogstooth) is a delightful and sophisticated pattern with a rather odd name. The name houndstooth comes from the shape of the pattern, which, close-up resembles a canine’s canine (I don’t see it – depending on the pattern, sometimes I see a flower with 4 petals?). The pattern itself first appeared in 12th century architecture and emerged on fabric in the Scottish Lowlands as the glen plaid (GlenUrquhart), also […]


Jolly Jacquard

Although many people refer to the textile or fabric as a Jacquard print, the word Jacquard actually refers to the process of creating the fabric itself. The term Jacquard comes from the name of the man who invented the loom that could weave intricate patterns and 3 dimensional fabrics in 1801 (full story on Wikipedia). And here is a VERY interesting factoid. This was one of the first FASHION/TECH ties […]


I'm a Sucker for Seersucker

On the topic of lightweight summer fabric patterns, I was browsing around some shops this afternoon whilst running early for a meeting and saw that there are some VERY cute seersucker suits in stock. I love this textured pattern for summer suits (and beyond). What on earth is a seersucker, you ask? Seersucker is the name given to a puckered light cotton (and now sometimes linen) fabric, usually striped. The […]