Oh Dove...Could We Love You More?

I’ve been a big fan of the Dove branding for as long as they’ve been promoting the idea of healthy beauty. So much that I even took part in one of their ads myself (hard to see me, but I’m there). But this newest ad makes my heart jump with extra joy. I love pop stars, fashion models and all strong women who can make a mark in the world, but […]



Fashion + Feminism Sitting in a Tree

Many of those not in the know think of fashion as a trap for women. Uncomfortable shoes. Impossible body images. Shallow spendy status symbols. Magazine layouts of size zero 6 foot tall women juxtaposed with an ad for weight loss. Meanwhile these women are teenagers blessed with great genes who often live incredibly unhealthy lifestyles (eat nothing, work out like mad and face constant criticism for the teeniest bit of […]