Swimwear Trends for Summer

Ah summer… As we start to thaw and dream of sundresses, sunhats and warmer days, our thoughts turn to something a little more anxiety-ridden: finding that perfect swimsuit! If you are anything like me with my 10 extra lbs of winter warmth-producing squish, this is not a joyous ritual at all. But lucky for all of us, the trends this summer are bringing a more curve-friendly approach to beachwear. Retro […]



Summer Hats for Women

One thing I’ve noticed more and more lately is that the hat is making a big comeback. I love it. As someone who used to have a rather large collection of hats in hat boxes, this makes me very happy. But even as much of a hat enthusiast as I am, when I started searching around, I had NO idea which hat was which? A cloche? A porkpie? A bowler? […]


We Dream a Dream

If you didn’t get the message yesterday, Buyosphere got a wee bit of a facelift.  There are a few new things to share and some hints at exciting things to come. The changes were precipitated by user feedback, some intense usability testing and looking deep into our statistics to figure out why things weren’t growing as we hoped. As mentioned in the updates, here are some of the changes: CHANGE 1: […]


Tiffany Blue

Who can possibly claim that they don’t see the that special blue/green color (HEX #81D8D0/R129 G216  B208/Pantone 1837, btw) and instantly know that it’s Tiffany Blue. Or relate the Tiffany brand with sophisticated, spendy elegance? That little blue box is a loaded image, indeed. Even most men know the signifcance. The color itself was trademarked in 1837 when the company, itself was established. And you won’t find it’s exact match on […]


Perfect Fridays: Balenciaga Work

I’m always on the hunt for a great, fashionable bag that can accommodate a small laptop, and this Balenciaga Work bag is my ideal size and shade of blue.  I have a Balenciaga City bag which I purchased six years ago, which still looks relevant and fresh in my work wardrobe.  The years have created a slouchy appealing softness to the leather.  What bag do you use to carry your laptop […]


Great Gatsby! We Heart Flapper Dresses!

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved the beaded, dropped-waist dresses of the roaring 20′s, so you can imagine how incredibly excited I was to hear that Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby is coming to theatres! Catherine Martin, known for her amazing work on Moulin Rouge, Strictly Ballroom and Romeo and Juliet is doing the costumes again (LOVE her) and whether or not they are true to period doesn’t […]


I'm a Sucker for Seersucker

On the topic of lightweight summer fabric patterns, I was browsing around some shops this afternoon whilst running early for a meeting and saw that there are some VERY cute seersucker suits in stock. I love this textured pattern for summer suits (and beyond). What on earth is a seersucker, you ask? Seersucker is the name given to a puckered light cotton (and now sometimes linen) fabric, usually striped. The […]


The Trouble with Sizing

I know what you are thinking. The trouble with sizing is that, well, there is no such thing. I can try a dress on in a size 6 in one brand and it fits perfectly, then in another brand, it falls off me and in yet another brand, it is way too small. This makes ordering online an incredibly stressful task. If the end goal is to sell more stuff […]


Gaga for Gingham

I was at a startup festival event filled with VCs and geeky startup people last summer and one person’s shirt caught my eye. I saddled over to him and said, “Nice gingham!” He looked at me awkwardly. Two things to note here: the startup world isn’t always hip on fashion AND the word gingham isn’t used in everyday language. I’m not sure what he thought I meant by the comment, […]


Blogger Spotlight: Penny Chic

We met Shauna from Penny Chic at the IFB conference during Fashion Week and we’re also very happy to discover her blog, which fits in nicely with our mission: people helping people shop.  Penny Chic is all about styling chic outfits using items from America’s discount department stores.  We love the accessible and flattering ensembles the blog puts together, which is why we wanted to interview her for our blog […]