Found: Bathing Suit that Would Make Me Feel Like Leeloo

[on Etsy: Honeycomb Motif Silver Swimsuit by LaBronz $91] This deconstructed silver bathing suit is seriously awesome (I know, silly tan lines, but I wear 70 spf anyway). I love that it invokes one of my favorite Sci-Fi characters, Leeloo from the Fifth Element (if only I could pull off the look like Milla). Check out LaBronz (Brooklyn, NY designer) and her amazing array of eye-catching swimwear. Wear any of her […]



Why I Love Oil

I used to be under the commonly held (but erroneous) impression that oil is bad for one’s skin. In fact, I would do everything in my power to eradicate it from my skin – by using products labeled ‘oil-free’ and strong astringents. As I aged, I noticed that this was a bad strategy because my once pink, plump skin surface became red and irritated. Instead of realizing that my oil-free […]


Designers We Heart: Quincy Apparel

Work wear and fashion don’t really feel so synonymous. In fact, when I imagine getting dressed for an office or a board meeting, I imagine picking the most conservative, ill-fitted (usually boxy) suiting I have out of my closet and keeping the accessories super simple. It’s when I think of leaving the office that I add color and texture and fun accessories and wear something that is flattering to my curvy figure. […]


The Charm of the Breton Stripe

[Today's post is written by our special guest Madelaine Veenstra of the amazing resource WikiFashion. I get much of my information for posts from her project, so I suggested she write something and cross post it here. SO glad I did!] Audrey made it look gamine, Coco introduced it to the fashion world and Brigit Bardot made it synonymous with French chic, but where did the Breton stripe originate? The Breton stripe […]


BB Creams of the Crop

It was a little under a year ago when I first discovered BB Creams. BB, which stands for everything from Beauty Balm to Blemish Balm, is a newish type of skin coverage that lives somewhere between a foundation and a tinted sunscreen. For the past couple of years, I’ve been weaning myself off of full-on foundation and hitting the lighter tinted sunscreen coverage. This hasn’t been an easy process. It […]


Lovely Lovely Lace

Much like lace itself, this is a complex subject. SUPER complex. Lace has a long and luxurious history, starting as early as the Roman Empire, but recorded as early as the 14th century, it is a textile that has found itself in the middle of class wars for centuries (7 centuries – starting in Flanders). As Gemma Champ recently wrote in an article in The National (Fashion’s Enduring Love of […]


Titles for People Who Make the Fashions

Ever wonder what the official title is for people that make the beautiful stuff you own? I have, so I asked around a few years ago and found the terms. It also makes it much easier for me to locate the couture makers. Milliner Maker/designer of hats. Coco Chanel started out as a milliner, though in France, they were still a bit divisive with the genders and called them Modistes, […]


Your Style Your Way

Since fewer people read the Buyble than my Facebook page (sad, but true…this will change someday!) and since I posted this ON my Facebook timeline to great flourish, I thought I should probably post this here, too. We’ve been doing lots and lots of thinking about how we slice things here at Buyosphere. We know that overall categories are WAY too broad, so we reduced the product categories and are […]


Hankering for Houndstooth

Houndstooth (or dogstooth) is a delightful and sophisticated pattern with a rather odd name. The name houndstooth comes from the shape of the pattern, which, close-up resembles a canine’s canine (I don’t see it – depending on the pattern, sometimes I see a flower with 4 petals?). The pattern itself first appeared in 12th century architecture and emerged on fabric in the Scottish Lowlands as the glen plaid (GlenUrquhart), also […]


Wedding Inspiration + Tools

Seems like everyone I know on Facebook is either getting married or attending a wedding these days. The season of fabulous weddings is definitely upon us! And though I have no immediate plans to get married I’m really enjoying the creativity that is going into the various weddings I’m seeing. People aren’t just doing the standard white usual type of weddings anymore (ed: ack. how white angl0-saxon centric of me! It’s […]