What to Wear Where: Traveling to India

[image: Incredible India by Badruddeen on Flickr] Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but I’ve been on a bit of a whirlwind of trips, first to Delhi, India, attending the Dell Women’s Entrepreneurial Network annual conference, then to New York for a series of meetings and events. And though I’ve been back from Delhi, I have to tell you, I still regret my packing choices! What I brought actually limited […]



What to Wear to a Rock Concert

Situation: you’ve been invited to attend a hard rock concert with a potential client or that hot boy you’ve been flirting with at the gym. Sure, you are usually more of a theater girl, preferring the ballet over big hair, but what the hey, it might be fun. You practice your best rock on in the bathroom mirror, but something is off. That sweet colorblock maxi dress and gladiators is […]