Buyosphere in November's InStyle Magazine!

  Our good friend and advisor, Nilofer Merchant, pointed out that we are prominently featured in the much-loved and read (holiday shopping anyone?) November Issue of InStyle Magazine! (page 262) We knew it was happening as the lovely editors at InStyle contacted us with some questions, but there is nothing like seeing it in print! Even better, they described what we do beautifully: If your fashion wants are specific (pleated […]



Fashion YOUR Way: The Future of Personalized Fashion Online

One of the trends I’m watching closely is personalized fashion. Personalized fashion includes those sites that are all about allowing the customer to design their own items to purchase. The customer picks colors, cuts and other details, which is then produced in the factory of the retailer who carries no inventory, only raw materials. There is an entire range of personalized fashion, from adding a logo or print, to custom […]


BB Creams of the Crop

It was a little under a year ago when I first discovered BB Creams. BB, which stands for everything from Beauty Balm to Blemish Balm, is a newish type of skin coverage that lives somewhere between a foundation and a tinted sunscreen. For the past couple of years, I’ve been weaning myself off of full-on foundation and hitting the lighter tinted sunscreen coverage. This hasn’t been an easy process. It […]


The Trouble with Sizing

I know what you are thinking. The trouble with sizing is that, well, there is no such thing. I can try a dress on in a size 6 in one brand and it fits perfectly, then in another brand, it falls off me and in yet another brand, it is way too small. This makes ordering online an incredibly stressful task. If the end goal is to sell more stuff […]


Figuring Out Floral

One of the things I love most about fashion is that it is a wonderfully visible form of self-expression. I assemble my wardrobe and daily outfits to express myself on the outside what I’m feeling on the inside every day. Even though this changes daily, I still do have my own distinct style. It’s a combination of urban sophisticated and whimsical edgy – and can cross over into rocker chic […]


I Can't Stop Thinking About These Shoes...

I don’t know why. But ever since I saw them in this month’s LouLou Magazine (the Canadian equivalent to Lucky), I’ve been dreaming of these shoes. I don’t even like floral patterns that much (sorry floral fans!), but there is something about these that I am digging in a big way.


Q&A of the Week: Pirate + Narwhal Printed Tights

Earlier today, Heather asked: I’m looking for patterned tights. description: Looking for something really cool and different When somebody you don’t know asks for something really cool and different, you never know exactly HOW different. So I suggested a few funky safe bets, then pulled out something I discovered that was a LOT different: Pirate + Narwhal printed tights from Etsy designer/seller TejaJamilla (who happens to hand print all sorts of […]


My First Haul Video (Tara)

I’ve been consuming haul videos for a while now…they are an interesting phenomenon: incredibly popular accounts of a shopping spree done on video. Usually by a 20 something or a teen and quite often they cover a trip to the mall. My haul is a bit different. I definitely didn’t spend hours on my hair and makeup (maybe I should have? ;)) and I’m pushing 40 instead of in my […]


Celebrating color: Turquoise!

Holla!!! Turquoise!!! I’m crazy about this color and have lots of it in my own wardrobe. Turquoise says, “I have arrived, bitches!” in a flirtatious winky face sort of way. It takes chutzpah to wear it, but only because it’s brighter than it’s blue brothers & sisters, who are just jealous of this killer blue/green shade. There is a special edge to this color. Worn right, it can look bold […]


Celebrating Color: Tangerine

Oh Tangerine! You succulent, tangy, happy color! I just bought myself some tangerine bell bottom jeans from JoeFresh and whenever I wear them, I think I skip a little. Tangerine is orange with a hint of yellow…and reminds me of a picnic on a warm summer’s day. Much like our other favorite mint, it’s fresh and clean and will brighten up the greyest, dullest, drabbest outfit with just an accent. […]