Fashion YOUR Way: The Future of Personalized Fashion Online

One of the trends I’m watching closely is personalized fashion. Personalized fashion includes those sites that are all about allowing the customer to design their own items to purchase. The customer picks colors, cuts and other details, which is then produced in the factory of the retailer who carries no inventory, only raw materials. There is an entire range of personalized fashion, from adding a logo or print, to custom […]



Designers We Heart: Quincy Apparel

Work wear and fashion don’t really feel so synonymous. In fact, when I imagine getting dressed for an office or a board meeting, I imagine picking the most conservative, ill-fitted (usually boxy) suiting I have out of my closet and keeping the accessories super simple. It’s when I think of leaving the office that I add color and texture and fun accessories and wear something that is flattering to my curvy figure. […]


Wedding Inspiration + Tools

Seems like everyone I know on Facebook is either getting married or attending a wedding these days. The season of fabulous weddings is definitely upon us! And though I have no immediate plans to get married I’m really enjoying the creativity that is going into the various weddings I’m seeing. People aren’t just doing the standard white usual type of weddings anymore (ed: ack. how white angl0-saxon centric of me! It’s […]


Are You a Fashion Designer or Online Retailer? We want to know you!


Online Shops We Heart: Market Publique

The moment I met Pamela Castillo, I loved her. She’s warm and friendly and incredibly passionate about fashion and vintage and shopping responsibly. She has also built Market Publique from the ground up and has built an amazing community of vintage sellers and buyers that anyone should be proud of. I’m super happy that Pamela agreed to do an interview…her amazing story and profile is below. TH: Introduce yourself and […]


Online Shops We Heart: The World of Wonderful

In February, one of our community members asked a question about looking for a clutch that looked a bit like a designer clutch, but at a better price point and one of the answers opened my eyes to the most fantastic collection of leather clutches I’ve ever seen. The answer was even more amazing, because it was provided by the designer of these clutches herself: Julia Stanescu. We love it […]


Online Shops We Heart: Lion'esque Style

I’ve been a fan of Melissa Gonzalez and her brand Lion’esque since I was first introduced to her by the lovely Kelly Hoey. Not only does Melissa have mad style, but she is also doing something really cool (I’ll let her tell you in the interview below). So when she sent me a message to tell me about the Lion’esque Style redesign and some of the cool new features (like […]