Hello World! Welcome to the Buyosphere!

When Cass, Jerome and I first got together under the name Shwowp, none of us were gung-ho about the name. It was a name. It seemed to do the trick. Jerome owned it. It could be fun, right? WOW in Shop? Get it? Interestingly enough, I didn’t think too much about it and I’m the marketer of the group. Even when we had some early criticism for the name, I […]



Kickstarter - Neighbors Helping NeighborGoods

Kickstarter – Neighbors Helping NeighborGoods: We really love what Micki Krimmel is doing over at Neighborgoods so I pledged a small amount to help her keep bootstrapping it. We’re hoping to have a way for you to post the stuff you have on Shwowp that you are cool with sharing to Neighborgoods in the future.


The Glory of Fitness Signaling

This is fitness signaling at it’s finest! Push all of your fat from your bum and belly UP into your cleavage! Too bad you eventually have to take it off to reveal your real body! I do like the bra system, though, at it’s base. Laces have always been a favorite of mine (I own several corsets for special occasions). And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to wear things […]


Mnemonic Things

Many of the products we own/buy/receive have stories attached to them. Much like that song that reminds you of your first boyfriend in junior high – the one that gave you your first kiss (mine was while Judas Priest’s Turbo Lover played – don’t judge! He was a badass rocker) – there are many things that I look at around me that have stories behind them. It’s also the reason […]


Derek Lam on Crowdsourcing Fashion

“ “Having a direct and immediate dialogue with the online audience is what makes fashion exciting and relevant in this moment. eBay’s technology offers me a unique and innovative opportunity to reach new and existing customers directly and to create fashion they desire” – Derek Lam ” – Derek Lam has turned to the technology team at eBay to help him crowdsource the five best dresses to include in his […]


Black Friday - the origins

We looked up the term ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ to try and figure out what is so black about it? Turns out that there are two explanations: one positive and one not so much. Positive spin on Black Friday: it’s the day retailers go ‘into the black’ and make a profit. Negative spin on Black Friday: the amount of traffic (foot and car) increases so much that there are increased accidents. The […]


TED Talk: Rachel Botsman on Collaborative Consumption

Rachel Botsman is the co-author of “What’s Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption” (Harper Collins, September 2010). Here, with a dazzlingly graphic display, she presents a compelling case for 21st Century sharing.


TED Talk: Openness of the Fashion Industry

“…those of you who are familiar with the logicbehind copyright protection, which is that without ownership, there is no incentive to innovate, might be really surprised by both the critical success of the fashion industry and the economic success of this industry…Because there’s no copyright protection in this industry, there’s a very open and creative ecology of creativity.”


New Sharing Economy

Shareable Magazine and Latitude Research’s The New Sharing Economy study released today indicate that online sharing does seem to encourage people to share offline resources such as cars and bikes, largely because they are learning to trust each other online. And they’re not just sharing to save money – an equal number of people say they share to make the world a better place. The research was prompted by a recent surge in sharing startups driven by social technology, a […]