RIP Steve Jobs :(

Screenshot of The world lost a great leader today.



Why Even Offline Stores Need to Fix Their Sites

Why oh why are my favorite stores trying to kill me?! Okay, that may have been a wee bit dramatic, but still…two of the stores that I quite often shop at: BEDO and Club Monaco, both have sites with Flash-based Look Books and very little to offer in product links. And they have such AWESOME products, too. I just picked up a gorgeous gray pleather dress from Bedo that I’ve […]


New Blog Launched! Aging Ungracefully

I read a LOT of fashion and cosmetic blogs. When I should be getting my ‘serious’ work done, I’m getting lost on YouTube channels filled with amazingly fun makeup tutorials and checking out the most recent look of the day. The only issue I have with this obsession is that most of the women producing this awesome content are in their 20′s. They are brilliant and beautiful and I love […]


We're Hiring! Front End Developer

WANTED We’re ready to bring in a key player who is going to help us take Buyosphere to the next level, help us break barriers and innovate in the social commerce space. You’re not afraid of technological challenges, in fact you hunger for the impossible. You’re passionate about new technology, new versions, new puzzles to solve! You’re totally cool with creating a product that is geared towards the woman consumer […]


OMG. It’s That Thing I Never Knew That I Needed!

I love shopping. I do. It’s no secret to the people around me. And it’s pretty much killing me right now to be a broke startup entrepreneur who looks at amazing, gorgeous new objects of desire every single day on Buyosphere that I cannot afford. So, of course, saving money on the stuff I want and need is a highly desirable thing. Then why do the plethora of shopping discount, […]


Advertising, Images + Fitness Signaling

Fitness signaling is the term given to the practice of showing one’s fitness for mating. For a woman, physically it’s stuff like hip to waist ratio, for a man, it’s stuff like strength. Nice white teeth. Glowing, youthful skin. Long, luxurious hair. Clear eyes. Etc. You get the picture. The ‘fitter’ we are, the more likely we are to produce healthy babies. And the more likely we are to produce […]


Brain-controlled wearables!?

Brain powered cat ears Definitely want these and the other cool brain controlled wearables that should be coming out in the near future. Extra arms? The return of deely bobbers that actually work? The ability to change the color of your shirt? I can imagine mind controlled wearable art will be coming soon after these!


What Vintage Says About You

I’ve always loved trying to replicate looks from eras gone by. From gogo boots and shift dresses of the 60’s to the wavy haired silver screen glam of the 40’s (as pictured above) to the new wave avant-garde of the early 80’s, there is nothing more fun than dressing up in an iconic style. Fashion has it’s way of coming around time and time again to reflect those eras, too. […]


Designs We Heart - QWERTY Shoes

Spotted. QWERTY Shoes! I poked around online and could only find mysterious photos of the awesome keyboard inlaid soles, but a friend of a friend posted HIS ACTUAL PURCHASE…at Brown’s (you can see B2 in the shoe itself). Apparently he *just* bought them, so if you are drooling, get down there soon. Locations for Brown’s (only in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec in Canada – sorry!)…OFFLINE. I know. Shocker! Update! Awesome […]



One of the features we launched with the new name is Collections. Lots of people are playing around with them already, but I wanted to explain the philosophy behind them. The idea for Collections came about when I started thinking about how the products we use inter-relate. Whether it is a daily skincare ritual or my favorite ingredients, groupings of products often tell a more complete story about my tastes […]