BeautyBarX at SXSW

We were really happy to be the hosts of the premiere women’s event at SXSW Interactive this year: BeautyBarX Just to give you a little glimpse into what went down… So yes…it was a RESOUNDING success!! Even though it rained like crazy for the first two days, women were already lined up at 9am for their manicure and mimosa and many stayed and came back. Many reported back that it […]



Celebrating Color: Yellow

♫ They call me mellow yellowwwww ♫ Not really. There is nothing mellow about this color, but that’s a-ok, because it is one of the best shades in the universe. It literally brightens up everything it is paired with. When I wear yellow, I want to skip…through a field of daisies…holding hands with my boyfriend…hair carelessly flowing in the wind. Sunshine. Sunflowers. Lemonade. Daffodils. Bumblebees. Yellow is everywhere in nature and […]


Ugh. Too much work!

The conversation above happened on Twitter earlier today and it got me thinking… Asking a question on Buyosphere is more work than typing in a lazy web question on Twitter. It’s definitely more work than liking a post on Facebook, re-posting something on Tumblr, re-pinning something on Pinterest or hitting any number of share buttons on any number of web pages. As human beings, we are programmed to take the […]


A VERY long overdue thank you!

Last summer, Buyosphere was picked as an ASTIA portfolio company, but we were pre-funding and incredibly bootstrapped. We couldn’t afford to pay the $5,000 fee associated with the program (instead of taking equity, they ask their portfolio companies to pay a one-time fee). So I got creative and put a campaign up on IndieGoGo. It was pretty amazing! In a couple of weeks, I raised the $5,000 from a whole […]


What can you get for $500 on BeyondTheRack?

If you didn’t already see, we are having a contest on Buyosphere where your awesome participation in asking, answering and inviting friends gives you entries to win great prizes like $500 credit at Beyond The Rack! You may be thinking, “Bah. $500? What’s that get you these days?” Well, at Beyond the Rack, you can get a LOT. Here are just a few luxurious finds we found: This amazing large […]


Buyosphere 2.0: now with more usefulness!

For those of you who have visited Buyosphere in the past day or so, you may have noticed we’ve done a bit of a shift in direction! When you log in today, you see: “Egad! What is that?! And how did you go from the previous version to this one?” You may be asking. Well, it’s a bit of a story. We hope you are sitting comfortably. It all started […]


We're in INC Magazine this month!

One of our core values is that of transparency and openness. So happy to be quoted for this in Inc. Magazine this month. Hopefully it’s a sign of more to come!


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Being Stylish on a(n ACTUAL) Budget

I always love those fashion blogs that claim they are written for the ‘budget conscious’ girl. Sure, if your budget is about $1000/month for clothes! My budget is NOT $1000/month. Hell, it’s probably more like $150/month (if that). I’m a startup co-founder. Which means I’m lucky if I make $20,000 a year working 100 hour weeks right now (I’m banking on a big exit someday that will pay off… ;)). […]


Stuff We Heart: Blissdom Canada

This past weekend, I had the distinct honor of attending and moderating a panel at Blissdom Canada in Toronto. Out of over 120 conferences I’ve attended, it was only my 3rd ever ‘women’s conference’ (in that it was by, about and for women). And I LOVED it. There are big differences between the men’s conferences (and I’ll say men’s conferences because they are generally by, about and for men – […]