Fashion YOUR Way: The Future of Personalized Fashion Online

One of the trends I’m watching closely is personalized fashion. Personalized fashion includes those sites that are all about allowing the customer to design their own items to purchase. The customer picks colors, cuts and other details, which is then produced in the factory of the retailer who carries no inventory, only raw materials. There is an entire range of personalized fashion, from adding a logo or print, to custom […]



Behold...My Style My Way...for Men!

As I discussed with some of the awesome guys I’ve collaborated with on this (thanks Simon! thanks Carlos! thanks Claude!), there is a big difference between STYLE and LIFESTYLE. A lifestyle is, as you know, a way of life. Sometimes it accompanies a style, sometimes it doesn’t. So ‘styles’ like Geek, Nautical, Academic and Cowboy were axed from the list. Some geeks are casual and some are trendy and some […]


Your Style Your Way

Since fewer people read the Buyble than my Facebook page (sad, but true…this will change someday!) and since I posted this ON my Facebook timeline to great flourish, I thought I should probably post this here, too. We’ve been doing lots and lots of thinking about how we slice things here at Buyosphere. We know that overall categories are WAY too broad, so we reduced the product categories and are […]


A Look Back at Dynasty

Super sadness. Nolan Miller has passed away from cancer. If you don’t know who that is, shame on you. But if you weren’t a child of the 80′s like I was, I understand. His costume design defined a generation of shoulder pad wearers. For me, the women of Dynasty were always so glamorous. Linda Evans and Joan Collins were the epitome of style. It WAS the 80′s! If you were […]


Swimwear Trends for Summer

Ah summer… As we start to thaw and dream of sundresses, sunhats and warmer days, our thoughts turn to something a little more anxiety-ridden: finding that perfect swimsuit! If you are anything like me with my 10 extra lbs of winter warmth-producing squish, this is not a joyous ritual at all. But lucky for all of us, the trends this summer are bringing a more curve-friendly approach to beachwear. Retro […]


We Dream a Dream

If you didn’t get the message yesterday, Buyosphere got a wee bit of a facelift.  There are a few new things to share and some hints at exciting things to come. The changes were precipitated by user feedback, some intense usability testing and looking deep into our statistics to figure out why things weren’t growing as we hoped. As mentioned in the updates, here are some of the changes: CHANGE 1: […]


Perfect Fridays: Balenciaga Work

I’m always on the hunt for a great, fashionable bag that can accommodate a small laptop, and this Balenciaga Work bag is my ideal size and shade of blue.  I have a Balenciaga City bag which I purchased six years ago, which still looks relevant and fresh in my work wardrobe.  The years have created a slouchy appealing softness to the leather.  What bag do you use to carry your laptop […]


The Trouble with Sizing

I know what you are thinking. The trouble with sizing is that, well, there is no such thing. I can try a dress on in a size 6 in one brand and it fits perfectly, then in another brand, it falls off me and in yet another brand, it is way too small. This makes ordering online an incredibly stressful task. If the end goal is to sell more stuff […]


Perfect Fridays: Carven Long Fuschia Dress

I recently attended my first fundraiser of the season and it was a black tie affair.  I wore a nice but conservative black gown.  You never know when you might need a nice long, colorful dress for a summer function and this fuschia one by Carven is not only on trend, but will pop in a sea of “safe” black numbers.


Perfect Fridays: Tom Binns Splash Out Phosphorescent Earrings

Not going to lie.  I like to splash out on a little bling now and then.  These on-trend painted crystal earrings make me super happy, and I may invest in a pair just because…