Welcome our new Marketing Director: Deanne Yee

2012 is starting out with an awesome bang. We haven’t officially announced it yet, but Buyosphere raised our seed funding in November (separate post soon) after a long spell of bootstrapping. This gave us the opportunity to get the new site out and hire some amazing people. One of those amazing people is Deanne Yee…and I couldn’t be more excited about finding her. Yesterday I tweeted that the key to […]



Buyosphere 2.0: now with more usefulness!

For those of you who have visited Buyosphere in the past day or so, you may have noticed we’ve done a bit of a shift in direction! When you log in today, you see: “Egad! What is that?! And how did you go from the previous version to this one?” You may be asking. Well, it’s a bit of a story. We hope you are sitting comfortably. It all started […]


We've been nominated for a Crunchie!

Hot on the heels of our super duper spankin new launch (Buyosphere ‘Q&A’!), we’ve been nominated by some awesome people as the best new shopping application! If you think so, too, please join in here:


We're in INC Magazine this month!

One of our core values is that of transparency and openness. So happy to be quoted for this in Inc. Magazine this month. Hopefully it’s a sign of more to come!


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Being Stylish on a(n ACTUAL) Budget

I always love those fashion blogs that claim they are written for the ‘budget conscious’ girl. Sure, if your budget is about $1000/month for clothes! My budget is NOT $1000/month. Hell, it’s probably more like $150/month (if that). I’m a startup co-founder. Which means I’m lucky if I make $20,000 a year working 100 hour weeks right now (I’m banking on a big exit someday that will pay off… ;)). […]


Stuff We Heart: Blissdom Canada

This past weekend, I had the distinct honor of attending and moderating a panel at Blissdom Canada in Toronto. Out of over 120 conferences I’ve attended, it was only my 3rd ever ‘women’s conference’ (in that it was by, about and for women). And I LOVED it. There are big differences between the men’s conferences (and I’ll say men’s conferences because they are generally by, about and for men – […]


RIP Steve Jobs :(

Screenshot of Apple.com. The world lost a great leader today.


Why Even Offline Stores Need to Fix Their Sites

Why oh why are my favorite stores trying to kill me?! Okay, that may have been a wee bit dramatic, but still…two of the stores that I quite often shop at: BEDO and Club Monaco, both have sites with Flash-based Look Books and very little to offer in product links. And they have such AWESOME products, too. I just picked up a gorgeous gray pleather dress from Bedo that I’ve […]


Interview with the Fabulous Karen O'Brien

I’ve known Karen O’Brien for a few years now and she’s been an amazing friend, mentor and inspiration. So when she became a Complete Angel level contributor to the ‘Send Tara to ASTIA’ Campaign on IndieGoGo, I was completely touched. Her friendship, support and mentorship had been so valuable already over the years. This was above and beyond. But as you will see in our interview below, Karen is a […]