Hankering for Houndstooth

Houndstooth (or dogstooth) is a delightful and sophisticated pattern with a rather odd name. The name houndstooth comes from the shape of the pattern, which, close-up resembles a canine’s canine (I don’t see it – depending on the pattern, sometimes I see a flower with 4 petals?). The pattern itself first appeared in 12th century architecture and emerged on fabric in the Scottish Lowlands as the glen plaid (GlenUrquhart), also […]



Wedding Inspiration + Tools

Seems like everyone I know on Facebook is either getting married or attending a wedding these days. The season of fabulous weddings is definitely upon us! And though I have no immediate plans to get married I’m really enjoying the creativity that is going into the various weddings I’m seeing. People aren’t just doing the standard white usual type of weddings anymore (ed: ack. how white angl0-saxon centric of me! It’s […]


Are You a Fashion Designer or Online Retailer? We want to know you!


Swimwear Trends for Summer

Ah summer… As we start to thaw and dream of sundresses, sunhats and warmer days, our thoughts turn to something a little more anxiety-ridden: finding that perfect swimsuit! If you are anything like me with my 10 extra lbs of winter warmth-producing squish, this is not a joyous ritual at all. But lucky for all of us, the trends this summer are bringing a more curve-friendly approach to beachwear. Retro […]



Ombré/Ombre, pronounced OM-bray – as in the Spanish hombre – describes a graduation of color and is hot hot hot right now. Whether you are seeing it on nails: Or in hair: Or in clothing, it seems to be everywhere. At first I didn’t know what to think, but as I see it in more and more fabrics, especially in long, flowing summer dresses, I’m loving it more and more. […]


Summer Hats for Women

One thing I’ve noticed more and more lately is that the hat is making a big comeback. I love it. As someone who used to have a rather large collection of hats in hat boxes, this makes me very happy. But even as much of a hat enthusiast as I am, when I started searching around, I had NO idea which hat was which? A cloche? A porkpie? A bowler? […]


We Dream a Dream

If you didn’t get the message yesterday, Buyosphere got a wee bit of a facelift.  There are a few new things to share and some hints at exciting things to come. The changes were precipitated by user feedback, some intense usability testing and looking deep into our statistics to figure out why things weren’t growing as we hoped. As mentioned in the updates, here are some of the changes: CHANGE 1: […]


Tiffany Blue

Who can possibly claim that they don’t see the that special blue/green color (HEX #81D8D0/R129 G216  B208/Pantone 1837, btw) and instantly know that it’s Tiffany Blue. Or relate the Tiffany brand with sophisticated, spendy elegance? That little blue box is a loaded image, indeed. Even most men know the signifcance. The color itself was trademarked in 1837 when the company, itself was established. And you won’t find it’s exact match on […]



Oh Dove...Could We Love You More?

I’ve been a big fan of the Dove branding for as long as they’ve been promoting the idea of healthy beauty. So much that I even took part in one of their ads myself (hard to see me, but I’m there). But this newest ad makes my heart jump with extra joy. I love pop stars, fashion models and all strong women who can make a mark in the world, but […]


Great Gatsby! We Heart Flapper Dresses!

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved the beaded, dropped-waist dresses of the roaring 20′s, so you can imagine how incredibly excited I was to hear that Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby is coming to theatres! Catherine Martin, known for her amazing work on Moulin Rouge, Strictly Ballroom and Romeo and Juliet is doing the costumes again (LOVE her) and whether or not they are true to period doesn’t […]