What to Wear Where: Traveling to India

[image: Incredible India by Badruddeen on Flickr] Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but I’ve been on a bit of a whirlwind of trips, first to Delhi, India, attending the Dell Women’s Entrepreneurial Network annual conference, then to New York for a series of meetings and events. And though I’ve been back from Delhi, I have to tell you, I still regret my packing choices! What I brought actually limited […]



Cruise On, Blouson!

I used to search “dress with loose top” when I was looking for what is actually called a Blouson style dress. Blouson style is usually associated with things like bomber jackets – loose (or blousing) on top, tight at the waist. The top of the garment using hangs a bit over the waist band. In some instances I’ve also seen it spelled Bloussant and seen the same thing described as […]


BB Creams of the Crop

It was a little under a year ago when I first discovered BB Creams. BB, which stands for everything from Beauty Balm to Blemish Balm, is a newish type of skin coverage that lives somewhere between a foundation and a tinted sunscreen. For the past couple of years, I’ve been weaning myself off of full-on foundation and hitting the lighter tinted sunscreen coverage. This hasn’t been an easy process. It […]


Behold...My Style My Way...for Men!

As I discussed with some of the awesome guys I’ve collaborated with on this (thanks Simon! thanks Carlos! thanks Claude!), there is a big difference between STYLE and LIFESTYLE. A lifestyle is, as you know, a way of life. Sometimes it accompanies a style, sometimes it doesn’t. So ‘styles’ like Geek, Nautical, Academic and Cowboy were axed from the list. Some geeks are casual and some are trendy and some […]


Lovely Lovely Lace

Much like lace itself, this is a complex subject. SUPER complex. Lace has a long and luxurious history, starting as early as the Roman Empire, but recorded as early as the 14th century, it is a textile that has found itself in the middle of class wars for centuries (7 centuries – starting in Flanders). As Gemma Champ recently wrote in an article in The National (Fashion’s Enduring Love of […]


Titles for People Who Make the Fashions

Ever wonder what the official title is for people that make the beautiful stuff you own? I have, so I asked around a few years ago and found the terms. It also makes it much easier for me to locate the couture makers. Milliner Maker/designer of hats. Coco Chanel started out as a milliner, though in France, they were still a bit divisive with the genders and called them Modistes, […]


5 Trends I Love Right Now

Since I look at fashion every single day – studying the trends and uncovering the history of them – I’m pretty well-situated to fall in love with ideas. And these are the five ideas I’m in love with… PEPLUMS Other than the fact that I’m really long bodied so the off-the-rack versions are more like breast wings than cute little flourishes on my hips, I am completely in love with […]


Crazy Cute Cloches

Try saying ‘crazy cute cloches’ 10x fast! I loves me a good cloche. I covered cloches a week ago, but just as a refresher, these sweet hats sit close to the head and usually have no brim or a very small brim. They almost ‘hug’ the head and are bell-shaped. The cloche hat invented by Parisian milliner Caroline Reboux (another orphan -ish, much like Coco Chanel) in 1908. Reboux was quite the […]


Your Style Your Way

Since fewer people read the Buyble than my Facebook page (sad, but true…this will change someday!) and since I posted this ON my Facebook timeline to great flourish, I thought I should probably post this here, too. We’ve been doing lots and lots of thinking about how we slice things here at Buyosphere. We know that overall categories are WAY too broad, so we reduced the product categories and are […]


A Look Back at Dynasty

Super sadness. Nolan Miller has passed away from cancer. If you don’t know who that is, shame on you. But if you weren’t a child of the 80′s like I was, I understand. His costume design defined a generation of shoulder pad wearers. For me, the women of Dynasty were always so glamorous. Linda Evans and Joan Collins were the epitome of style. It WAS the 80′s! If you were […]