Buyosphere in November's InStyle Magazine!

  Our good friend and advisor, Nilofer Merchant, pointed out that we are prominently featured in the much-loved and read (holiday shopping anyone?) November Issue of InStyle Magazine! (page 262) We knew it was happening as the lovely editors at InStyle contacted us with some questions, but there is nothing like seeing it in print! Even better, they described what we do beautifully: If your fashion wants are specific (pleated […]



When Did I Start Paying $200 for Jeans?

My favorite item of clothing in my wardrobe is a pair of Signature Bootcut Elm Dark Blue jeans. And they should be. I paid more for them than most things in my wardrobe! I believe I even got them on sale with an additional 10% discount on my Macy’s card and they still cost me around $150. And the craziest part? They aren’t the top of the list for most […]


Buyosphere is in Stealth Mode!

You’ve seen a few facelifts and updates on Buyosphere over the past few months, but in the background, we’ve been working on something MUCH more dramatic and in order to properly roll this out, we decided to go stealth for a few weeks while we get ready to launch. Why Stealth? Well, it’s dramatic, that’s for sure. But more than that, it gives us time to roll this out right. […]


She Wears the Pants in the Family

[big ups to Belinda Darcy for pointing me to the inspiration to this article] Us girls can pretty much take it for granted that we have the choice between wearing pants and skirts in most situations. Even the most formal occasions can be met with a glamorous pantsuit or a lovely tuxedo fit to our bodies. I, for one, have enjoyed the attention I get from wearing a lovely tuxedo […]


Fashion YOUR Way: The Future of Personalized Fashion Online

One of the trends I’m watching closely is personalized fashion. Personalized fashion includes those sites that are all about allowing the customer to design their own items to purchase. The customer picks colors, cuts and other details, which is then produced in the factory of the retailer who carries no inventory, only raw materials. There is an entire range of personalized fashion, from adding a logo or print, to custom […]


10 Iconic Shoes That Stole the Show

I just finished reading the amazing and entertaining book, Women from the Ankle Down: The story of shoes and how they define us. Besides being a fun read, I found the history lessons incredibly enlightening (it’s made me download a whole bunch of fashion history books). One of the major lessons was around how shoes have played a pivotal role in shaping our culture, both popular culture (movies, music, etc) […]


Found: Bathing Suit that Would Make Me Feel Like Leeloo

[on Etsy: Honeycomb Motif Silver Swimsuit by LaBronz $91] This deconstructed silver bathing suit is seriously awesome (I know, silly tan lines, but I wear 70 spf anyway). I love that it invokes one of my favorite Sci-Fi characters, Leeloo from the Fifth Element (if only I could pull off the look like Milla). Check out LaBronz (Brooklyn, NY designer) and her amazing array of eye-catching swimwear. Wear any of her […]


Fabulous Fluting

Flute? Flute? Or flute? The image of a musical flute or a champagne flute doesn’t exactly conjure the image of a fluted skirt, but that is what you call this incredibly flattering cut of a skirt: a fluted skirt. Other names it is known by is a mermaid, trumpet (more apropos, right?) or a flared hem skirt. The fluted pleat on the skirt is universally flattering. It can give shape […]


Why I Love Oil

I used to be under the commonly held (but erroneous) impression that oil is bad for one’s skin. In fact, I would do everything in my power to eradicate it from my skin – by using products labeled ‘oil-free’ and strong astringents. As I aged, I noticed that this was a bad strategy because my once pink, plump skin surface became red and irritated. Instead of realizing that my oil-free […]


Designers We Heart: Quincy Apparel

Work wear and fashion don’t really feel so synonymous. In fact, when I imagine getting dressed for an office or a board meeting, I imagine picking the most conservative, ill-fitted (usually boxy) suiting I have out of my closet and keeping the accessories super simple. It’s when I think of leaving the office that I add color and texture and fun accessories and wear something that is flattering to my curvy figure. […]