You’ve seen a few facelifts and updates on Buyosphere over the past few months, but in the background, we’ve been working on something MUCH more dramatic and in order to properly roll this out, we decided to go stealth for a few weeks while we get ready to launch.

Why Stealth? Well, it’s dramatic, that’s for sure. ;) But more than that, it gives us time to roll this out right. For those of you who haven’t built an online product (meaning people interact with it, not just read a static site) that is social (meaning that people not only interact with the product, they also interact with one another), it’s complicated (and I don’t mean that in a Facebook relationship way). Sometimes having interactions and data makes a difference to how a website works, so building on a dummy url (usually a – referred to as a development website) with dummy content doesn’t look quite right.

Behind the beautiful splash page is a partially done site that we are building bits of each day. It’s pretty exciting as a founder to watch it roll out bit by bit each day, but it would be super confusing for a user because there are lots of empty links and pages that look┬álike they work, but are just place holders without real content.

In a few weeks time, I am predicting I can send our super users and VIPs the super secret passcode to come in and start to test and use the site. About a week or so after that, we’ll open up for the entire public to enjoy! I’m super excited about everything that we are unveiling. It’s a huge leap forward for us and lovely to look at. :)






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