Since fewer people read the Buyble than my Facebook page (sad, but true…this will change someday!) and since I posted this ON my Facebook timeline to great flourish, I thought I should probably post this here, too.

We’ve been doing lots and lots of thinking about how we slice things here at Buyosphere. We know that overall categories are WAY too broad, so we reduced the product categories and are bringing in another dimension: YOUR STYLE. It’s something we’ve thought about for quite a while, but with so many shopping categories, it only worked in a few and made things WAY too complex. Since we’ve removed everything but what you wear (women’s fashion, men’s fashion + beauty), style types fit perfectly!

To determine the style types, we went with a mix-and-match idea. The above grid represents various styles/moods and, as a Buyosphere community member, you can be one or all 20 of them.

But WAIT! There is a problem here. Didn’t I say Men’s Fashion is a category? Um…the above styles are only represented by women!

I’m working on it. ;)

According to one of my friendsĀ Carla Mathis, a leader in the stylist profession actually identified 12 style types for men:

  • traditional
  • suave
  • mysterious
  • rugged
  • fun/playful
  • debonair
  • baronial (I’m guessing this is sort of goth?)
  • dramatic
  • sporty
  • dangerous
  • romantic
  • creative

I also got amazingly fun suggestions like:

  • Bond James Bond (debonair?) – Simon Salt
  • On a Boat (nautical?) – Simon Salt
  • Hipster (fun/playful?) – Carlos Pacheco
  • Ahead of the Curve (creative?) – Carlos Pacheco
  • Big and Tall – Eric Berto (though I think this may be a category rather than a style type? but I can see wanting to only see styles that work on Big and Tall)
  • Boys Night Out (mysterious? hmmmm…it’s the male counterpart to the seductive/sexy look I’m thinking) – Simon Salt

Do we go timeless/descriptive with the men’s styles? Or have some fun? I think we need to stick with timeless, but have some fun in the descriptions. What do you think?



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