Seems like everyone I know on Facebook is either getting married or attending a wedding these days. The season of fabulous weddings is definitely upon us! And though I have no immediate plans to get married I’m really enjoying the creativity that is going into the various weddings I’m seeing.

People aren’t just doing the standard white usual type of weddings anymore (ed: ack. how white angl0-saxon centric of me! It’s only standard for one culture!). I’m actually seeing some pretty cool themes and ideas that I would use in day-to-day design (home, what to wear, etc). Perhaps much of this creativity is being inspired by the gorgeous new sites that allow women (and men) to trade ideas back and forth. I’ve picked out a few of my faves below:

This amazingly inspirational site is like Pinterest for weddings. The advantage here is that you will only see wedding inspiration to your taste and none of the other stuff that you don’t want to. I especially love their filtering and search. In the screenshot above, I clicked on the color yellow to get an endless stream of gorgeous yellow images: from floral arrangements to place settings to bridesmaid dresses and beyond. As you know, I’m a big fan of the impending Great Gatsby movie and era, so I typed in Gatsby and got some AMAZING images of 20′s themed weddings. The ideas for photos are reason enough for me to continue to want to search.

They also have an ecommerce component built in, so that every so often, there is a ribbon that says ‘shop’. In my Gatsby search, I came across this amazing flapper style dress. I don’t think I need to be getting married to wear it, do you?

Sue Wong Fringed Sleeveless Sheath Dress at $398


This is the brainchild of DIY Goddess Brit Morin who had the CUTEST Pixel Cowboy wedding last summer. It’s a really simple, very beautiful wedding site creator that hooks into Facebook really nicely so you can do everything from create your invite list to post your photos and announcements while keeping a lovely keepsake of your big day online.

No ecommerce here, but they allow for you to put your registry into your page really easily. SO good.

Little Borrowed Dress

I love this idea so much. Even though I’ve only been a bridesmaid 3x in my life, I carried around 3 dresses that I’d never wear again. They weren’t hideous, but they did represent someone else’s big day and I didn’t choose them myself, so they weren’t my style. If you are going to be inspired by anything, why not be inspired by being environmentally conscious? :)

And the dresses are gorgeous, too (lovely and simple and come in LOTS of colors):

Cheryl - a halter style dress on LittleBorrowedDress $50 rental

Hillary Jane Long Strapless Gown on LBD $75 rental

Catherine a draped one-shoulder style at LBD $50 rental

Blog Inspiration

I’ve also come across some incredibly blogs that cover other people’s amazingly themed weddings. Watch out, though, you can get totally lost in the posts for days:

I should also mention that my friend, Carolyn, whose books Anti-Bride Guide and Anti-Bride Planner (which are awesome) is also working on a super secret beta site for those getting married that I can’t talk about (yet), but is very cool. I’m a beta tester…even though, once again, I’m not getting married. But maybe it’s all practice? ;)



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