One thing I’ve noticed more and more lately is that the hat is making a big comeback. I love it. As someone who used to have a rather large collection of hats in hat boxes, this makes me very happy. But even as much of a hat enthusiast as I am, when I started searching around, I had NO idea which hat was which? A cloche? A porkpie? A bowler? A derby? I love hat names, but I just wanted one that made me look like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

So after I strugged and wrote names down and deciphered, I thought I would share with you my research findings. Because there are SO many hat types, I’m limiting this post to summer hats for women. Here it goes:


Merona® Black Floppy Hat with Coconut Buckle from Target $15

Otherwise known as the ‘floppy hat’, ‘ascot hat’, ‘bohemian hat’ or even ‘wide brimmed hat’, this one doesn’t always have the same name, but it always has the same effect. It’s big and glamorous and looks fantastic with big sunglasses and a pencil skirt. You can also get all Bohemian with this look as well, wearing it with a flowy dress and sandals.

My preference falls to a wider brim. The wider the brim, the more glamorous the look. This hat I’ve showcased was worn by the ever-glamorous Melissa Pierce on my mocked up Buyosphere Magazine cover. She pointed it out to me and is a total deal for a gorgeous hat. I also came across the Italian hat maker (or Milliner for the more sophisticated), Borsalino just recently in a search and found this gorgeous one that is to die for. A bit more spendy, though. ;)



VANS Straw Jockey Cap at Zappos $23

Sometimes known as a mod cap, cadet hat or schoolboy hat (though the actual mod cap can also be puffier on the top), this one was asked about by a Buyosphere community member recently after seeing it in the movie American Pie Reunion. It looks super cute with a summer dress or shorts and a t-shirt and allows for a sportier look.

It also gives you a bit of the sun shade you need without being too overbearing if you are looking for something a little more subtle.



Belfry Edenia - Milan Straw Cloche at HatsInTheBelfry $80

The cloche, also known as a flapper hat, is a wee bit less practical for a sunny day as it has a rather small brim (or can be brimless altogether). But it looks amazing paired with a floral dress and if you add a dropped waist, you can go all Great Gatsby in one.

The cloche looks great with short hair, btw, which makes it a perfect summer hat for you dolls with pixie cuts. This shape looks great in a wool or a felt in the winter, too…and with Baz Luhrmann’s new movie coming out, I’m sure to pick one or two of these up in the fall. :)



Newsboy cap, baseball cap, bucket hat, cowboy hat, sombrero…you name it. If it’s made from straw, cotton or a similarly light material, it’s good for summer. Generally one would wear felt, wool or other heavier materials in the winter, but when it comes to hat wearing, I say, “anything goes!” because hats are just that fabulous.

A few more tidbits on hats:

  • the ribbon that accents most hats is called a ‘grosgrain’
  • The person who designs hats is called a Milliner
  • One is advised to match the hat to your skin tone rather than matchy match with your outfit
  • If a woman is wearing a ‘man’s’ hat – baseball cap, cowboy hat, some fedoras, etc., she is expected to follow the rules men have with hats: remove them indoors, during anthems, etc.
  • Sun hats should only be worn during daylight – otherwise they look silly.
  • A woman’s hat is part of her ensemble…that is why there is no need to remove it in social situations (and why a baseball cap should be removed…)

Ah…I love hats. And I’m SO glad to see them making a comeback. Let me know your favorite type! In the fall, I’ll definitely be covering some more fall-type hats.



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