Ombr̩/Ombre, pronounced OM-bray Рas in the Spanish hombre Рdescribes a graduation of color and is hot hot hot right now. Whether you are seeing it on nails:

Or in hair:

Or in clothing, it seems to be everywhere. At first I didn’t know what to think, but as I see it in more and more fabrics, especially in long, flowing summer dresses, I’m loving it more and more. Though the word itself has French origins from way back (1800′s), it didn’t really enter our fashion dictionary until pretty recently. (notably, Ombre is also a very old Spanish card game, seemingly like Euchre – another fun word to say)

Hair like Drew Barrymore’s used to be considered gauche – a result of an outgrown die job. But no longer. To achieve the graduated effect, it takes time and a good deal of money. The nails are tricky, too. But the end results are fun and now that we all know it wasn’t a mixup, we can appreciate the art.

One of Buyosphere’s community members just started gathering some gorgeous examples of ombre that inspired me to find out a little more about this enticing trend. Would love more suggestions if you know of any. Here :

Jeremiah Ombre Maxi Dress from Neiman Marcus $235

Nightfall in Love Dress from Modcloth $100

Co-Ord Ombre Fluid Blazer and Shorts from Topshop $200

Young, Fabulous & Broke Swing Dress Ombre from Piperlime $158

Oh…and this is fun. Remember RIT Dye? I do. From tie-dying in the 80′s. Well, they have a fun blog that talks about how to do various dying techniques and I came across the DIY Ombre dye technique spelled out step by step. Looks pretty easy and could be a fun way to liven up something from a couple of seasons ago you were going to toss out. Not sure how to do a multi-color effect, but I’d imagine a little color wizardry would produce some fun results as long as you start with the lightest color and move to the darkest color.



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