Try saying ‘crazy cute cloches’ 10x fast!

I loves me a good cloche. I covered cloches a week ago, but just as a refresher, these sweet hats sit close to the head and usually have no brim or a very small brim. They almost ‘hug’ the head and are bell-shaped. The cloche hat invented by Parisian milliner Caroline Reboux (another orphan -ish, much like Coco Chanel) in 1908. Reboux was quite the socialite, making hats for the likes of Marlene Dietrich (LOVE her), Elsa Triolet and Empress Eugenie. Oh to be a socialite during that time!

One of the things I love about the cloche (French for bell) is that it looks good with pretty much any length of hair, whereas I struggle with sunhats and shorter or medium length styles (though Melissa pulled the look off beautifully!). But most of all, it reminds me of the roaring 20′s, one of my favorite periods of fashion (and soon to return, I hope, thanks to The Great Gatsby!). These über adorable hats frame the face in such a lovely way and can be worn with a day dress or a more formal dress.

I’ve found 8 under $75 (okay 7 under $75, I couldn’t help myself with the Louise Green hat – her stuff is to DIE for), half of them formal and half of them casual, that I am coveting.

August Hat Asymmetrical Cloche at Nordstrom $42

Glint 'Double Band' Cloche Black from nordstrom $48

Rothko Cloche from $38

Natural cloche from $245 (over the price range, but gorgeous)

Straw Cloche Hat with Navy Silk Trim and Bow from $60

Straw Cloche Hat from $45

Aqua Paper Cloche from $50

August Hat Asymmetrical Cloche from $28




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