As I discussed with some of the awesome guys I’ve collaborated with on this (thanks Simon! thanks Carlos! thanks Claude!), there is a big difference between STYLE and LIFESTYLE. A lifestyle is, as you know, a way of life. Sometimes it accompanies a style, sometimes it doesn’t. So ‘styles’ like Geek, Nautical, Academic and Cowboy were axed from the list. Some geeks are casual and some are trendy and some are rugged (and some are all of the above). Punk gave way to Edgy (which can incorporate everything from punk to goth and beyond – any style that says, “I don’t conform to style” which ironically IS a style).

I waffle a bit as to whether Jock and Sporty need to be merged, or Club needs to be there, but like the women’s list, there are enough differences there that I kept them separate. Sporty is that guy who is ready to play b-ball at any given time and a Jock is more concerned with showing his finely tuned guns (by all means, do! I know how hard it is to grow those bad boys). Club is also a style, much like Sexy/Seductive on the women’s list. There is a big market for those who ooze the nightlife (and lots of brands that cater to them).

Lots of styles crossed over between men and women and the difference sometimes just lies in the naming: Hippie instead of Bohemian; Club instead of Sexy; Debonair instead of Glamorous; Avant-Garde instead of Bold; Rugged instead of Comfy…it just goes to remind me how gendered language is. I left Whimsical in because, yes, there are men who dress in costume-like whimsy: the Steampunks (though they’d be Whimsical/Edgy), the crazy checkered suits, the rockabillies, the kilt-wearers…all have a touch of whimsy.

Either way, it’s all mix and match and not written in stone. You can pick all of them or one of them (we hope you can at least identify with one!). And you can change it as often as you’d like. It’s meant to drive the personalization of the next iteration of Buyosphere. It will help match you with products, questions, [redacted], designers and ideas in general.

And for a reminder on how this compares with the women’s list? Here you go:



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