Super sadness. Nolan Miller has passed away from cancer. If you don’t know who that is, shame on you. But if you weren’t a child of the 80′s like I was, I understand. His costume design defined a generation of shoulder pad wearers. For me, the women of Dynasty were always so glamorous. Linda Evans and Joan Collins were the epitome of style. It WAS the 80′s!

If you were to recreate the look of Dynasty today, you would only need to follow these 5 simple rules:

  1. Hair – the bigger, the more teased, the better
  2. Shoulders – the bigger, the more teased, the better
  3. Sequins, satin, lamé, taffeta and beading – the more, the merrier
  4. Color – definitely + match it to your lips, dammit
  5. Silhouette – woman woman woman (meaning breasts, cinched waist + hips)

Gawd. Pure dramatic glamour.

But in all seriousness, here are a few options if you want to pay tribute to Miller today:

Vivienne Westwood Long Glazing metallic sequined gown at theoutnet $1944

Max and Cleo One-Shoulder Taffeta Dress at Dillard's $55.30

80s Brocade Vintage Evening Gown with Open Back by gottagovintage1 $43

The 80s Prom Dress / Vintage 1980s Black Ruffle by ChiffonLounge $119



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