Since I look at fashion every single day – studying the trends and uncovering the history of them – I’m pretty well-situated to fall in love with ideas. And these are the five ideas I’m in love with…


Other than the fact that I’m really long bodied so the off-the-rack versions are more like breast wings than cute little flourishes on my hips, I am completely in love with this style. Perhaps it’s because in the form of a bubble skirt, it made a brief comeback in the 80′s – a formative time of my fashion sense – but mostly it’s because of the modern peplum’s strong emergence in war-era clothing. That little feminine flare went a long way for the woman working in the factory. ;)

Signature Cocktails Dress from ModCloth $75

Double Peplum Dress from $74

SASS & BIDE Pick 'N' Mix embroidered strapless peplum dress at Net-a-Porter $550

Danielle Dress (custom!) at CarrieHammer $295


The bigger, the bolder, the brighter, the better – nothing jazzes up a dull outfit more than a statement necklace. My statement necklaces have almost entirely replaced scarves for me…and that is no easy task (I have dozens of scarves). I’ve owned great neckwear for years, but never before have I seen it done with such┬ápanache. I don’t know who is to thank for the re-emergence of these amazing pieces, but I’m definitely pointing a finger in the direction of BaubleBar for making it my own personal obsession.

Tangelo Bib from $36

Rhinestone necklace bib statement in hot pink mint by OOAKjewelz from $250

Doloris Petunia Statement Necklace from $290

Citrus Statement Necklace on Threadflip $52 (I just bought it)


I don’t care what type: pillbox, fedora, cloche, cowboy, turban, sunhat, bonnet, gainsborough, derby, breton, sombrero, panama, stove pipe, bowler, top hat, porkpie or jockey cap. Other than the baseball cap, I love them all. Now I just need to get a signature one (or two – maybe a floppy sunhat and a cloche? Or should I go with fedora and bonnet?) and wear the heck out of it. And, of course it needs to be uber fabulous. Like over the top fabulous. Check these out. I think they fit the bill (dying):

August Hat Asymmetrical Cloche from $42

Louise Green natural w/ black fedora from $225

peacock hat

Peacock from $189 (seriously, I know! Amazing!)

Monarch Butterfly Straw Derby Sun Hat from $135


I’m a child of the 80′s…I’m pretty sure I already mentioned that. But really, I missed neon when it went away and I don’t think I’ll let it this time. Mostly because in it’s current form, it’s a wee bit more subtle and upscale. Sure, there are instances where it’s overpowering, but we are mostly using it as an accent. Mostly. Hell, who am I kidding? I could happily dress head to toe in neon. ;)

Neon Simple Wrap Watch at $88

Promiscuous Zandrina at $56 (on sale!)

Hysteria Neon Jeans - Neon Lime at $35

Hit the Dance Floor-escent Clutch at $60


Ever since I saw hot colored blazers hanging on the racks at C Wonder, I started fantasizing about what hot, crazy color would I get mine in? Fuschia? Turquoise? Lime? Lemon? I still haven’t decided and it’s no wonder…there are SO many cute ones to chose from. Here are only a few:

Chino Blazer from $128

Gibson Linen One-Button Blazer from $88

PRADA Blazer from $271

ALICE + OLIVIA Elyse Blazer in Neon Yellow at Revolve Clothing $367



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