If you didn’t get the message yesterday, Buyosphere got a wee bit of a facelift.  There are a few new things to share and some hints at exciting things to come.

The changes were precipitated by user feedback, some intense usability testing and looking deep into our statistics to figure out why things weren’t growing as we hoped. As mentioned in the updates, here are some of the changes:

CHANGE 1: We’re fresher and more content driven!

“There is nothing to do on Buyosphere unless I have a question or an answer to a question” you said. And yeah. We realized that, too. So we are creating more content and more to discover.

CHANGE 2: Easier Adding of Products

You told us, “answering and adding products sucks” so we integrated product catalogues into the answering/adding tools and gave you the ability to add products already existing on Buyosphere.

MUCH easier and you can add 3 products at a time!

CHANGE 3: Fashion focused

“Too many categories! You are all over the map!” you told us. I guess you could say we were having an identity crisis! When we looked at the activity, it was the fashion category that people love and use the most. So we killed the rest of the categories.

CHANGE 4: The Buyble is truly your fashion reference

One of our community members asked, “Why don’t you have some sort of fashion terminology reference? I don’t even know what to ask for half of the time!” Great idea! We’ve turned the Buyble into that resource! But if you are here, you already know that. :)

CHANGE 5: New Logo!

Okay, so nobody said they hated our logo, but we hired design firm Avec (who redesigned BaubleBar) to do a big, awesome redesign for us and their first order of business was to create a new logo for us and we couldn’t wait to unveil it!

…but what the newsletter didn’t really talk about are the things to come. Though I need to stay a bit quiet about this because it’s best to have it be part of the big reveal later in June, I will say that there is more than a great design coming…you are going to think of Buyosphere as an overall fashion reference. And the fun mock up of the Buyosphere Magazine that covers this post is the biggest hint of all.

Excited yet? I am!

p.s. Big ups to the lovely and talented Melissa Pierce for letting me use her gorgeous self as a cover model. She posted this shot on Facebook and it totally inspired this idea. :)



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