In February, one of our community members asked a question about looking for a clutch that looked a bit like a designer clutch, but at a better price point and one of the answers opened my eyes to the most fantastic collection of leather clutches I’ve ever seen. The answer was even more amazing, because it was provided by the designer of these clutches herself: Julia Stanescu.

We love it when designers and retailers get involved in helping people find what they are looking for – ESPECIALLY when these are amazingly talented designers and retailers. It’s one of our core goals: to expose these amazing retailers and designers to more people.

I was lucky enough to be able to interview Julia for our blog. Here is what she had to say:

ME: Introduce yourself and your site

JS: Many of my passions have taken me from my original love for drawing & illustration, to entrepreneurship, all the way to accessories designer for World of Wonderful, and creator of Fashionarium – the website that enables fashion designers and illustrators to learn how to turn their creative ideas into businesses.

Tell us a little bit about the history of your site. Why did you decide to launch The World of Wonderful (I know that you have a deep mission!)?

If I look back at my greatest success stories, I usually discover that they were all based on my-self confidence.
Expressing myself freely and having a positive outlook were both important to my self-esteem and the motivation to achieve my goals.

As we pass through life, we start to realize that we have a tendency to become more and more common. The rapid pace of our lives and the omnipresence of noise influence us to forget what makes us authentic and unique. Often, we become plain and common for reasons I am sure we do not even understand. Luckily, it is never too late to break through these barriers in order to be different. One way to do it, is to express ourselves through creative outfits and accessories.

That’s why one day, inspired by the clutch bags of my grandmother, I decided to create the World of Wonderful clutch bags that comes in limited editions & delicately colors. I passionately design them for intelligent women who lead by self confidence.

World of of Wonderful is designed to make a difference in a world where almost everyone wear mass-produced fashion. I believe that what makes a woman really unique is the original garments or accessory she wear.

What is your favorite item you’ve made?

The Crayon Clutch – in salmon color

[editor's note: my favorite is Roses Blossoms, which I should receive in a few days!!!!! But I love all of her bags. ALL of them.]

Do you have a fashion icon (or icons)? Describe your personal style?

Honestly I don’t have a fashion icon. I love to wear clothes and accessories that are different than others.. I love to create my own outfits. However, it’s due to me to say that I’m inspired by 50’s fashion and I’m in love with romantic details such as drapes, embroidered blouses, silk and lace. On Pinterest you can see my mood board with some styles that I identify myself with and which are similar to mine.

I love delicately colors such as nude, salmon, green, turquoise or coral. I also love to wear white. I always choose to buy very comfortable clothes that suits to my body type. I’d rather wear a comfortable dress that also emphasize my body shapes, than an awesome designed one but which will make me feel uncomfortable.

Concerning the bags I prefer those that fits to many outfits, those oversized clutches big enough to be functional. Some of the reasons I love clutch bags are written here on my blog. I believe that a bag is not just an accessory. I find very important the way we choose the bag for our body type and outfits. Usually when I look at an outfit, the part of the body that the eye is drawn to is that one where the handbag rests on. So the role of a handbag is very important.

What is that one thing in your closet you would consider a staple?

Oh, it’s hard to answer this question. I have many favorite pieces that rests over years into my closet. I think these pieces are my favorites. If I take a look into my closet I realize that the pieces I love the most and I keep over years are some embroidery blouses.

Anything else to add?

One of my favorite statements:

Photo source:

I love Dr. Seuss. Brilliant.



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