I wish I knew myself as well as Tavi does when I was 15 years old. It took me at least twice as long to figure out that fashion and feminism are completely in-synch. My favorite quote from this entire talk (and there are many) is:

“A misconception of feminism is that girls think that to be a feminist they have to live up to being perfectly consistent in your beliefs, never being insecure, never having doubts, having all of this answers…and this is not true. But it became a lot easier once I realized that feminism is not a rulebook. It’s a discussion, a conversation, a process.”

Take the 8 minutes to watch it. I guarantee you will be floored by the maturity and insight of this young woman. And FTR, I usually roll my eyes at the celebration of precocious youth. But Tavi is different. She is real. Her confidence doesn’t have that underpinning of ‘I’m young and can say what I want and everybody will celebrate me’ like many others. She doesn’t speak in overly pretentious prose. She just speaks what the rest of us – young and old – are trying to figure out.




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