I just learnt the most amazing secret to create the PERFECT full bun in my hair. How perfect?

Glad you asked.

Proof point #1: I have baby fine hair that I struggle to grow with an oily scalp and terribly dry ends. Making my hair look good takes work…usually hours of work. This style? 5 minutes.

Proof point #2: My hair was on day 4 of not washing (I'm stretching my washes out as far as possible to alleviate those dry ends and to slow down the aging of my hair) and I had to meet a very fashionable girlfriend of mine for a glass of wine. So I did this bun in 5 minutes and looked SO fabulous that in mid-conversation, she remarked:

“I don't mean to change the subject, but your hair is amazing!”

I never get that compliment. Ever. And Janna has amazing, long, healthy hair. So let me tell you, I was delighted. I told her that I had a SOCK in my hair and she encouraged me to share this here. It feels like I discovered new land. p.s. I still haven't washed my hair and I did it again today.

The How-To

I embedded one of the many videos on how to do this by TheOtherOtherEmily because she has 'regular hair' (love that), she's not cutesy and it's nice and short but thorough. I also like her technique for making the bun. There are a from skinny-fat girl diarycouple of steps: (image from SkinnyFatGirlDiary.com)

STEP 1. take an old sock that has holes in the toes and snip off the toe part. Try to match the sock to your hair color

STEP 2. Roll the sock into a donut shape – the longer the sock, the bigger the donut (and, consequently, your bun). I actually ended up rolling three socks to make a pretty significant donut that still fit in my hair:

STEP 3. Put your hair in a ponytail…as high as you can on your head (low and side buns also nice, but I love the drama of the high one) and pull the ponytail through the donut.

STEP 4. There are a couple of options here:

a. let the hair fall around the donut like a cascade, hold it it place (like in the video) and secure strands with pins. (my fave)

b. let the hair fall around the donut like a cascade, then snap another elastic around and tuck in the strands with bobby pins like in this video.

c. roll the ends of the hair into the sock donut and then pin the donut to your hair like in this video.

And there you have it! You will have a gorgeous, full bun that will make you look like you have long, luscious, glorious hair. Oh…and the list of the tools you will need to make this happen is pretty small:

  1. Sock (or socks)
  2. Scissors
  3. Hair elastic
  4. Bobby Pins


p.s. I didn't feel as though YATV (yet another tutorial video) was necessary with so many great ones to see, but here is a shot of me as I write this on a Sunday night…haven't washed my hair since Wednesday!