The moment I met Pamela Castillo, I loved her. She’s warm and friendly and incredibly passionate about fashion and vintage and shopping responsibly. She has also built Market Publique from the ground up and has built an amazing community of vintage sellers and buyers that anyone should be proud of.

I’m super happy that Pamela agreed to do an interview…her amazing story and profile is below.

TH: Introduce yourself and your site

PC: I’m Pamela Castillo, co-founder of Market Publique , a curated marketplace for vintage.

Tell us a little bit about the history of your site. Why did you decide to launch Market Publique?

I had been selling vintage online on eBay since 2006 and then, after all the changes to their policies, feedback systemand fees, I switched for a while to Etsy, but found that neither of them had the right tools to sell vintage online. It takes a really long time to list an item for sale on eBay and at the end of it it doesn’t look all that and they hit you with a ton of fees. On Etsy I felt that you couldn’t really brand your shop and make it stand out and portray your style.

I looked for other alternatives but realized there was nothing out there for vintage specifically. Since I have a background in building web-based products, I decided to do something about it and build it!

We are the only marketplace for vintage on the web. We are the only community exclusively for vintage, so we have become a destination for buyers looking for fashionable vintage. Our tools, taxonomy and listing process is designed specifically for vintage, making it easier & quicker to list than on Ebay or Etsy, and easier to shop as well.

What are your favorite items from the store?

I’m really loving these vintage name bracelets from Diament jewelry. I wish they had a “Pamela” one! They look really great with paired with friendship and other bracelets.

This neon pink dress with cutouts from Telltale Hearts is also a favorite. I can see myself wearing it a lot with nude flat sandals.

I’m also debating wether or not to get this adorable floral dress, perfect for rooftop gatherings and trips to the farmer’s market. So tempted!

Who are your fashion icons?

Yes, yes, I know it’s a cliché but I have to say my grandmother Lilly. She was the one that got me into vintage in the first place. There is nothing better than rummaging through her jewelry drawers and emerging triumphant with a piece that’s amazing and also has sentimental value. Plus she has always been put together and stylish. So much so that lipsticks lasted her only a couple of weeks due to so much reapplying and in her purse she carries the tiniest round brush I’ve ever seen.

As far as Icons that other people may have heard of, I love Edith Head, for her costumes work and The Dress Doctor. After all, you should have fun with dressing but I believe in being a appropriate as well.

And the lady who I think has the best style ever, Iris Apfel. She is such a fun and fantastic lady. When I once ran into her sitting at a table next to us at Freeman’s, I almost fell off my chair. My sisters had no idea why I was so excited to see a 90-year-old lady. But have you seen her clothes? I mean the Met exhibited her closet – that’s how amazing she is. And it’s original style, not based on the trends, not dressing for her ‘shape’, nothing but whimsical wonderfulness.

Describe your personal style

I’d say practical & feminine with a dose of crazy.

If I’m wearing a vintage 50s dress with a novelty print (fave!), I’ll tone it down with neutral wedges or pumps. If I want to wear my crazy shoes and tons of jewelry, I opt for a more simple LBD.  And I always mix vintage with new. It’s a rare day when I’m not wearing at least one vintage item.

I tell my friends I am a lazy dresser but an enthusiastic accessorize-r. I don’t layer, it’s too much work – I wear one layer and then pile on the jewels!

What is that one thing in your closet you would consider a staple?

Super tall shoes, especially nude platform wedges and black platform wedges.

Excellent bras. Those are true staples. I hate lumps, seams, etc. I really try to get the smoothest, most invisible bra ever. I love this one from Maidenform because it’s super practical – no seams, just the right amount of padding, you can adjust the straps on the front without contorting like you’re in yoga class and the nude is invisible under white clothes – plus it’s a bargain!

And plenty of jewelry, especially unique vintage pieces!

What has your experience on Buyosphere been like?

I really love the site and sharing my expertise with others who may find it helpful. I write, pin and do a lot of social media, plus tons of trend research and online shopping, so I usually know where to get things and it’s good to put that knowledge to good use and help others.

It’s also fun to post suggestions from my site, because I think that many people do not turn to vintage first when looking for an affordable option of a trend. But the fact is, there’s nothing new under the sun! I’ve posted many vintage suggestions and even started a ‘Vintage Face-Off’ column on our blog inspired by new items reminiscent of vintage ancestors.

I have also asked questions to others and they have been very helpful. Most recently, I saw this girl on the subway platform wearing this army jacket with leather sleeves. I posted on Buyosphere after doing a couple quick searches and only finding a sold out Veda jacket for $950. After a few days someone found it at Zara – of course I went and got myself one!

Do you have anything else to add?

Would love to be able to earn rewards for helping others shop – maybe a discount here or there, or gift certificates. I would probably never get any work done if that happened though! I’d just be online shopping, suggesting and earning rewards forever!



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