The conversation above happened on Twitter earlier today and it got me thinking…

Asking a question on Buyosphere is more work than typing in a lazy web question on Twitter. It’s definitely more work than liking a post on Facebook, re-posting something on Tumblr, re-pinning something on Pinterest or hitting any number of share buttons on any number of web pages.

As human beings, we are programmed to take the shortest route possible to the solution. It doesn’t always lead to the best solution, but if we can get from Point A to Point B- and expend 50% less energy, it’s a-ok. I get that. I do it, too. We’re busy. We’re distracted. And we should only be expected to use our valuable time and resources when we will get more out of the transaction than we’ve put into it.

We definitely don’t want asking a question on Buyosphere to be more work than it’s worth. That would defeat the purpose! The vision is for Buyosphere to help people find that perfect laptop backpack in the least amount of time. We’re only a couple of months in trying to achieve this, so we’re not quite there yet, but Patrick‘s comment made me think:

“How could we match input to experience right now?”

I’m wracking my brain on this. Some things we could do (with downsides):

  1. We could remove sign up, but we already get spammers. The forced sign up (and the Facebook Connect) reduces the spam and makes for better content. Bad content will chase EVERYONE away.
  2. We could pull in tweets like Patrick’s original question and automatically create a question from it…but that’s sort of invasive. Patrick never gave us permission to do that. Not to mention, we’ve already looked into pulling in tweets and, well, there is nothing standard about how people ask questions. Once again, this could create some bad content…bad CREEPY content.

I’m sure somebody else, including Patrick (who is a multi-time startup founder and advisor to 500 startups), has some other ideas.

Either way, we are getting more and more people signing on each day…asking questions and giving great answers. But we have a long road to being so amazing that people wouldn’t dream of asking anywhere else but Buyosphere.

Would love your input. We’re a very open team. :)



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