Today we did a little (not so little) upgrade to Buyosphere that includes a few cosmetic changes and integration of search into our ASK box.

So you may be thinking, “Search? Bah. That’s so 1990′s! Who cares?” and you’d be right. Search is pretty basic to any site and we used to have it on our Buyosphere 1.0 version. But when we shifted our focus to being a Q&A platform, we made a decision to remove the search in order to remove confusion. Why have two boxes in the header? Integrating search and asking wasn’t a small task, but something we realized was necessary as people were starting to ask for it and we were seeing lots of duplicate questions.

It’s pretty nifty, too. We made it visual so that you can see a thumbnail of the people asking questions on the questions that drop down and the photos of the images on the products already existing.

Here are some core advantages to having search in the ASK box:

  1. People looking for questions they recall, but are buried can now search for them pretty easily.
  2. People coming to the site for the first time looking for something like an iPhone Case (we have oodles of those!) can just type in iPhone Case and see the questions and iPhone cases previously suggested.
  3. People looking for products they may have previously seen on Buyosphere can just type in the product name or description and it will pop up right away.

The same thing will be integrated pretty soon into the ANSWER box. There are huge advantages to this. I’ve had this happen lots. Someone asks a question and I’ve bookmarked or suggested a product before…now I have to find that product, get the link again and repaste the URL. Blah. Pretty soon, I’ll just be able to type in the name of the product I want to suggest and, as long as it’s already on Buyosphere, it will appear. Looking forward to that, too!

And just to know how significant integrating this type of search is into a social database, go to your Facebook and try to find content in your own stream. I know. ;)



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