Holla!!! Turquoise!!! I’m crazy about this color and have lots of it in my own wardrobe. Turquoise says, “I have arrived, bitches!” in a flirtatious winky face sort of way. It takes chutzpah to wear it, but only because it’s brighter than it’s blue brothers & sisters, who are just jealous of this killer blue/green shade.

There is a special edge to this color. Worn right, it can look bold and fresh. Worn even more right, it can look downright rock and roll. Turquoise isn’t bad, she’s just shaded that way. ;)

I love pairing turquoise with red or bright neon green, but it’s just as fabulous with white or black. I have to admit, I have a soft spot for turquoise highlights in hair (hello Shaherose!)

Turquoise is pretty prevalent in most of the stores I frequent. I just ordered me a pair of sweet turquoise shoes, bought a smashingly awesome turquoise reversible belt at C Wonder and loves me my new turquoise Paige jeans. And I’m going to wear the HECK out of all of them.

Big thanks to Noelle, Barb and Brooke for your awesome help!



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