Oh Tangerine! You succulent, tangy, happy color! I just bought myself some tangerine bell bottom jeans from JoeFresh and whenever I wear them, I think I skip a little.

Tangerine is orange with a hint of yellow…and reminds me of a picnic on a warm summer’s day. Much like our other favorite mint, it’s fresh and clean and will brighten up the greyest, dullest, drabbest outfit with just an accent.

I used to own the most amazing tangerine suit and I mourn it to this day (long story short, I moved to San Francisco where the standard fare was jeans and a black tee and ended up giving it away. Sad face). I’d walk into a place dressed head-to-toe in that delicious, tangy shade and turn heads every single time.

You’ll turn heads, too, if you try a little tangy orange in your wardrobe. Go ahead and spruce up the blacks and grays, but if you want to really make it pop, pair it with a sunny yellow or a turquoise (happens to be our next celebrated colors). Red, green and fuschia are also fun for color-blocking tangerine.

You can’t see me, but I’m smiling ear to ear as I write this. Tangerine just perks me up. Wear it and make EVERYONE’s day. :)

p.s. Thanks Nilofer, Victoria, Noelle, Deanne and Whitney for the help!



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