Whether you dabble in it or dress head to toe, coral is the kind of color that would turn anyone into a romantic. Part pink, part orange, part red and part peach, coral is a shade that resembles the innocence of blushing more than any other color in the spectrum. Some people call it salmon, but I say don’t you dare. Salmon sounds so floppy and fishy, while coral represents the most beautiful and strong undersea phenomenon on earth.

One of my favorite things about coral is that it is flattering on pretty much every skin color. Olive, fair, dark and even freckled, it brightens anyone up. I’ve seen women shy away from it because of the close association to pink, but you needn’t go overboard. A touch here and there - a belt, a clutch, earrings or a scarf – will do.

Either way you wear it, coral is pretty, feminine, strong and gorgeous. It goes well with browns, greys and black if you want to keep it toned down. If you feel super adventurous, pair it with teal (it’s complementary color), red or orange. But whatever you do, wear it!

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