What an amazing first two months we’ve had since we first launched the newest version of Buyosphere on November 22, 2011! Two months! Lots of questions! Even more answers! And tens of thousands of products! And there have been loads of product improvements. You can check back almost every day and see changes and updates to the site. Not to mention that there are some more big, awesome things coming down the pipe. We’re stoked!

These are all real people helping people shop. And we are getting emails like this one:

Dear Buyospherites, I didn’t think your product would work…especially with the beta thing hanging off your logo. But it did. I asked a really general question that I didn’t expect an answer to and ended up buying something out of it. I hate shopping. You made it a little less painful. Thanks.

And our favorite:

Hey! Stop sending me such good suggestions on my question! I asked about crazy boots on a lark and now I actually want to buy something. Damn ur good. p.s. don’t tell my girlfriend about this site.

So, in order to celebrate the fact that we are actually doing what we set out to do (help people find stuff), we are giving away a couple of shopping sprees! Because we see so many men on the site, we made sure they could benefit, too. Here are our awesome giveaway partners:

1st prize – $500 in credits at Beyond the Rack

$500 will take you far on Beyond the Rack, one of the most shopping clubs online! Get designer fashion at super discounts. <3 BTR!

2nd prize – $250 gift certificate at Etsy

Spend your $250 on the NEXT big designers and retailer at Etsy. We see lots and lots of people loving the Etsy around here. :)

3rd prize – $150 gift certificate for Market Publique

Market Publique is the destination for vintage online, featuring curated sellers from all over the world. Buy, sell and discover unique vintage pieces that fit your modern wardrobe!

To find out more about the contest, go to our CONTEST PAGE. But just so you know, every time you ASK, ANSWER and invite others who ASK and ANSWER, you get an additional entry to win. Good luck and thank you for the amazing support!



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